5 step GENIUS wake up system


The moment you awake do the following...

  • stretch your arms over your head and stretch out your legs as far as they will go
  • take 3 long deep breaths
  • think of a one word intention for the day, here are a few examples...
    • success
    • brilliance
    • joy
    • productive
    • focus
    • giving
    • abundance
    • loving
    • kind
    • honouring
    • committed
    • healthy
    • movement
    • patience

You don't need to scream your intention from the rooftop, but it does help if you can say it aloud while putting your hand on your heart to feel the vibration of your breathe.  It is very powerful.  

It's okay if you don't say it aloud, you can still think it.  Close your eyes and really feel how your intention will benefit you and those around you.


  • Make your bed the moment you get out of it.  
Tim Ferriss, author of the book 4-Hour Work Week, has it listed as one of his 5 morning rituals.  He states that this is something you CAN control and should.  It will give you a sense of accomplishment.
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STEP 2 - SCRAPE that tongue

After your wonderful stretch and declaration it's time to clean up.


Your body goes through a daily detoxification during the night?

Well, it does and what happens is that those toxins have to go somewhere.  Some of them end up on our lovely tongues. That's why we have such interesting breath first thing in the morning.  

Scraping your tongue will ensure...

  • bacteria and toxins are removed
  • breath is fresh
  • you will not re-absorb toxins into the body
  • improves taste reception

Tips on scraping your tongue...

  • no need to spend money, you can use a metal tablespoon
  • or buy a copper tongue scraper (copper inhibits the growth of bacteria)
    • check out our tools for support page for tongue scrapers


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 Scrape your tongue

Scrape your tongue

STEP 3 - lemon squeezy


I'm sure we've all heard about the benefits of drinking freshly pressed lemon juice with water in the morning. 

Here's how we'll make it into a routine that you'll look forward to and will consistently make it happen every day.

  • juice a bag of lemons at one time and keep it in an air-tight container in the refrigerator
  • every morning take a glass and fill with room temperature water and add in 2 to 4 tbsp of your juiced lemon
    • enhance with a dash of cayenne pepper (has been shown to stimulate digestion and reduce appetite)
  • drink it 
  • ideally brush teeth afterward to remove acid from your mouth (to help protect from enamel erosion) or simply drink with a straw


  • aids digestion
  • increase in vitamin C can help prevent sickness and prevent wrinkles (Oh YAY!!)
  • help with liver detox
  • acid in lemon can help prevent kidney stones
  • jump start your metabolism in the morning
  • freshens breathe
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 Lemon water

Lemon water


Why do we resist what is good for us?

Most people despise writing in a journal, and yet it is the one of the MOST satisfying gifts you can give yourself.

I was one of THOSE people!

The thought of writing in a journal increased my stress level ten fold.  But WHY?

What I realized was that writing in a journal made me accountable for my actions.  WHO WANTS THAT????  Someday's I didn't even want to get out of bed...can you relate?

Well, once I decided that you do need and want change.  That you will NO longer accept your life the way it is or was.  Then you'll be ready for a journal and will indeed welcome it like I did.

You will be writing in your MY MISSIONS JOURNAL sheets (PDF)

Here's what you'll write every morning...

    • what does your heart REALLY desire?
    • what do you dream of?
    • minimum of 3
    • what are you thankful for in your life?
    • think about everything you have or people in your life that you cherish
    • minimum of 3
    • write out your "to do" list
    • write down maximum 3 items that you're almost certain you CAN and WILL accomplish today
    • this is where you write out some affirmations/declarations that you'd LOVE to come TRUE in your life
    • minimum of 3
    • examples are...
      • My body gets stronger everyday
      • My health improves a little more each and every day
      • I LOVE my life
      • Life LOVES me
      • I am financially FREE
      • I LOVE my body
    • ensure you give yourself a reward for accomplishing your MISSION POSSIBLE LIST for the day.
    • you're more likely to accomplish your goals if you're rewarded for doing your tasks
    • here are some examples of rewards (FREE and $$)
      • go out for a movie night (bring your own healthy snacks) or watch a movie at home
      • spending time with a loved one or taking much needed alone time
      • play a board/card/video game
      • buy yourself that book that you wanted or go to the library and borrow it
      • spend time gardening
      • go for a walk or bike ride on a trail
      • get a massage
      • get a manicure or pedicure
      • play a game that challenges your memory 
      • have a tickle fight with your family
      • make a forte with your children
      • cozy up on your porch or backyard and read your favourite book
      • go to a seminar on any topic that interests you
      • sign-up for a special interest class (sewing, knitting, woodworking, robotics, creative writing, etc.)
      • go for an extra workout (play a squash game, tennis, ping pong, basketball, baseball, soccer etc.) 
    • Lastly, at night you can simply check off what you were able to complete, reward yourself if all items got completed and READ OVER your entire MISSION JOURNAL before retiring for the evening.
  • You can find your MY MISSIONS JOURNAL SHEETS here.
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Movement, vibration and energy is vitally IMPORTANT!

When we experience intense emotion (negative or positive) we can usually FEEL it somewhere or all over our body.

We can easily shift energy and increase our vibration by breathing, dancing, moving or shaking our bodies.

Think about how you feel after dancing to one of your favourite songs, or after laughing out loud with friends, or even after doing some deep breathing meditations.  

We usually don't realize it, but we've increased the amount of oxygen in our body.  

  • increased circulation in our bodies brings fresh blood and oxygen to the tissues in our muscles

Here's how to increase your vibration...

  • put on your favourite tune and dance and shake like no one is watching (sing aloud too for even more crazy good energy)
  • jump on a mini-trampoline or a re-bounder
  • take lots of quick breaths or a few long deep breaths for a full 2 minute


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 Breathe, jump and shake it up

Breathe, jump and shake it up

 Dance and sing like no one is watching

Dance and sing like no one is watching