Whether you're looking to make small changes or huge shifts in your diet, there is a program for you.  We offer a variety of packages depending on your current needs.   Are you looking for more energy, perhaps the the nutrient rich makeover is just what you need.  Are you looking to add more plant based foods in your diet, then the 21 day challenge is waiting for you.  What if you're feeling down, unsure of how or where to begin, then the mind-body-spirit detox is exactly what you need.  Browse through are options and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


nutrient rich makeover

This program is designed to help you recover from symptoms of low energy, insomnia, lethargy or an inability to concentrate.  if you only thrive on stimulants like caffeine, sugar or alcohol, then this program is for you.


21 Day lifestyle challenge

This program is designed for those looking to increase their health and well-being but don't know where to begin.  We will challenge you to go on an entirely plant based diet for 21 days, while incorporating some fun and light exercise with mindful meditation.  If you feel that your diet and lifestyle could use an upgrade then this package is for you.  


mind-body-spirit detox

Are you always on a new diet because the last one didn't completely satisfy your needs.  Did you know that in order for a "diet" or what I like to call nourishment to work it must fulfill all of your needs.  Spiritually, physically and intellectually.  Ideally you should feel inspired, energized and it must make sense to you.  Are you ready to find the right nourishment for you?