handy shopping guide

Taking stock of your grocery inventoryis a great way to ensure you'll always have the ingredients you need to create a masterpiece at home.  

Everytime you run out of an ingredient, keep your guide handy and check it off.  

Download this easy to use shopping guide and make your next shopping trip a pleasure.

MENU options


If you need some help with regards to what you should be eating in an average week, take a look at our menu OPTIONS guide.  

It is not an exact menu plan.  I designed it that way because I believe that innately we all crave a bit of control in our lives.  Instead of me telling you what you "should" eat for each meal of the day, you now have options as to which healthy option you're in the mood for.   In this way you can listen to your body and eat what you need at that moment, still feel in control.  

It can be modified to suit any diet.  Simply omit grains if you follow a Paleo diet simply change the plant based proteins to animal proteins.  (see kitchen tips for more info)

Check out our kitchen tips page for info on grain substitutes.  Believe it or not you can achieve the same great taste with less carbs.

All recipes can be found on our recipes page.  Enjoy!  

**P.S. for even more options check out our resources page for a list of websites that offer delicious and healthy plant based recipes.