• One  super simple weekly mission for each of your mental, emotional and physical faculties.
  • Every morning you'll receive an inspiring message to start your day.
  • Access to a private members only area, that includes... 
    • Easy to follow menu plans (for any type of diet)
    • Easy kitchen & cooking hacks (save time, money and stress in the kitchen).
    • Quick and easy recipes, made in 1/2 hour or less.
    • Crazy easy health tips to increase vitality and energy.
    • Lifestyle tips to release mental and emotional blocks.
    • Quick audios & videos with fun tasks to enhance  & support your inner child, relationships and career.
    • MY MISSIONS JOURNAL - a powerful way to start your day (PDF)
      • This is your HEALTH, your HAPPINESS, your MISSION POSSIBLE!

BONUS # 1 - you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions and be part of our exclusive club.  

  • You are NOT alone!  We understand that there is tremendous POWER in numbers.

BONUS # 2 - Weekly group coaching webinars for the first 3 months to ensure your success.  After 3 months you will receive 2 group calls per month.


Your habits BUILD your results.  What are you creating in your life?  Would you like better results?  Change your habits - change your life!

Join MISSION POSSIBLE today and receive 14 days for FREE.



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How you start your day will determine the success of the day ahead. 

Question:   Would you like to wake up feeling motivated and excited for your day ahead?

Young children tend to start their day with a ton of enthusiasm and excitement.  So what happened to us as we got older?  Well, we grew up and adopted a new mindset.  

Get healthy, get happy, get motivated and get busy living your life TODAY!

6-month package includes:

  • Each morning you'll receive an inspiring MESSAGE to start your day with the best of intentions, knowing you are supported.
  • You will receive our easy 5 step GENIUS WAKE UP SYSTEM.
  • You'll also receive 1 easy mission to accomplish each and every day to help create new empowering habits for life.
  • MY MISSIONS JOURNAL - a powerful way to start your day (PDF)
  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded individuals.




  • First session $ 100.00
  • Follow up session - $ 75.00


  • 2 session package $ 125.00 (regular price 175.00)

BEST DEAL                        

  • 6 session package                                          $ 275.00 (regular price $475.00)


from 75.00


This program is dedicated to those who are looking to make huge shifts in their life right now.

Do you need a more personalized program? 

Are you looking to lose weight or just have more energy?  What about just wanting to look and feel great?  Who doesn't, right?

Are you on a special diet and have no idea what to eat or how to cook?

Or do you simply just want to eat a healthier and incorporate more plant based foods into your diet?

If you're looking for honest and helpful support that will get you reaching your goals without being overwhelmed, congratulations you've found it.

Real results happen when you change your daily habits, here's how we will get you there...

  • one on one support to identify your triggers and stressors
  • identifying your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and support them with proper food choices 
  • Personalized menu options based on your dietary needs 
    • We can cater to any dietary needs or allergies
  • Kitchen support to get you feeling confident and excited about cooking
    • pantry makeover included
    • meal prep tips
    • handy shopping guide
    • do's and dont's to healthy eating
  • Personalized sessions will help identify your individual needs in order to reach your specific goals

BONUS # 1 - Custom TrueView intake form to identify the status of your vitamin and mineral deficiencies

BONUS # 2 - you will have access to a private Facebook group and connect with like minded individuals

FIRST SESSION is 1.5 hours in length and will identify your goals, create a plan and provide support material (Skype call or in person)

FOLLOW UP SESSIONS are 1 hour in length to follow up and maintain a support system for your new healthy habits - all materials included (Skype call or in person)

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from 40.00

We all want to eat and be healthy, right?

Are you too busy and never seem to have time to eat right or cook at home?

Of course, you're not alone.

We all want to eat healthier but have no idea of how to do it or where to begin.

If someone were to come to your house and cook healthy meals for you each day, would you eat healthier?

Of course, you would!  We are all trying to do our best every day.

The Kitchen Coach is here to the rescue.  

With the help of modern day technology, we will virtually come into your kitchen. Once there, we will help you create a functional kitchen, a welcoming environment to cook in and create a pantry that supports your health goals.

Here's what we provide...

  • The first appointment is 1 hour in length and will define your needs and wants
  • Second and follow-up classes will provide you with new cooking skills, kitchen makeovers, healthy tips and easy tricks to make cooking a breeze.  We will include quick, easy and delicious plant-based recipes
  • Classes are held on a Zoom or Skype call, support material via PDF download are included
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100.00 150.00

Do you need one on one support in the kitchen?

The Kitchen Coach in person program provides a platform for you to prepare meals hands-on.

You will create 3 plant-based recipes.  One for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We can cater to your wants and will be able to create the meals that you need the most support with.  Also, we can cater to any food allergy or sensitivity.  

All ingredients are included and you get to keep the leftovers, recipe cards and receive a handy shopping guide.

Full 2-hour in person class held at a local commercial kitchen.  

We can schedule the class during the weekdays, weeknights or even weekends.  Let us know your preference when you sign up.

Let us chat, cook and maybe even dance our way to glowing health, all while cooking your healthy and delicious meals.

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Do you need to upgrade your skills in the kitchen?

Do you make the same recipes over and over again?

Are you looking to incorporate more plant based recipes into your lifestyle?

If so, congratulations you found the solution.

Cooking classes include the following...


SAVE $20.00

55.00 75.00

Hands-on plant-based cooking classes.  Family or small group classes available.  Classes are 2 hours in length.  Recipes and shopping list are included.

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