Women's Group

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.
— Michelle Obama

Women's Groups

Experience a supportive & kind environment with like-minded souls ready to cheer for you.  You're not alone, join in and finally find your tribe!

Are you ready?

Here's what to expect...

- held locally in Oakville, ON

- meetings 2 x per month - every second Friday from 6:30 to 8:30

- small group of 10 women or less

- safe space to share your story

- themed gatherings on various topics i.e. family, career, business, anger, resentment, health, communication, self-care/love, mental health, support systems, relationships, children, wealth, grief to name a few

- experience meditation, breathing exercises, art expression & mindfulness

- snacks included

- remain connected through a private Facebook group under the name - FIND YOUR TRIBE

- hosted by Rose Turchio, Happiness Coach & Holistic/Culinary Nutritionist & Lisa McBride, Wellness Advisor




Munch Move Meditate Retreat

Get ready to be heard, feel supported, feed your belly delicious and nutritious food, learn easy ways to train and get fit but most importantly have fun while expressing your true self. 

Are you ready?

Here is a glimpse of what is included...

- Holistic Nutrition & Personal training one on one consultations

- Health and nutrition education

- Vegan & gluten free meals (we can cater to any special diet)

- Culinary classes

- Focused training & stretch classes

- Reiki session

- Art & dance expression

- Meditation & mindfulness

- Labyrinth walk

- Group discussions

- Journal & alone time 

- Shared accomodation

- 3 day weekend retreat (Friday to Sunday)

- 40 acres of land to explore



(close to Ste. Anne Spa)

Available dates

- June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2018

It's as easy as 123!

Your Hosts...

rose pic.jpg

Rose Turchio

Holistic & Culinary Nutritionist

Happiness Coach & Reiki Practitioner


Kaili Barbe

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor


Janet & Tom Laughton Mackay

Holistic Practitioners & Retreat Homeowners